Movie sounding drums?

What kind of VST can I use for movie sounding drums? I have cubase 6 with all the vst that comes loaded with it.

What instrument/category do you guys think has movie sounding drums? The dark ones preferably?


I play drums. Never heard of movie-sounding drums. :open_mouth: :mrgreen:
If you mean drums used in movies, do you mean the little ones like bongos or the big ones like large taikos?
Kit drums used in movies range from small jazz kits with lots of fast detail to huge rock jobs with many toms for atmospheres.
Orchestral? Timpani or snare? Then there’s industrial, electronic or garbage-improvised drums.
Little question.
Big subject.

Dark movies? Or dark drums?

You can probalby find what you need in various places. The industry standard (ish) is Storm Drums 2 by East West. Also Spectrasonics Stuff has a lot of these sounds. Many of the samples like Halion 3 and Kontakt come with stuff.

… or alternatively… buy a JV1080/2080!!! seriously!!!
These things STILL crop up all over films… you can spot em a mile away if you know what they sound like :wink:

+1 for Storm Drum 2,and everything from 8Dio is excellent. Drums of War from Cinesamples, as well as Epic Toms, are great.

If you want loops, Felt Force One from Sonokinetic is good, as is Epic Drums 1 and 2 from Big Fish audio.
Ten Man Taiko from 9 volt audio is quite good too.

There’s a LOT out there.

Aloha m,

I have cubase 6 with all the vst that comes loaded with it.

Basically what the guys are saying is that you probably
will not get the sound(s) you are looking for with
just the Cubase included sounds (VST Collection).

IMHO the East/West guys have this type of stuff down cold and deadly.
You won’t go wrong there.

you did not mention what computer hard/software you are using.
Keep in mind that the better sounding software eats lots o’ juice.


Native instruments introduced a sexy sounding cinematic drums soundpack called Damage. I don’t have it but it sounds promising.