Movies made with Nuendo...

Hello there…
I had some discussion about audio productions for feature films, lately.
It seems, I am not at all uptodate with the latest Movies that have been made with Nuendo.
Is there a current list of movie productions of the last few years?
It would be kinda cool to have some blockbuster movie titels handy when introducing new or sceptical
customers to Nuendo and its qualities. It is all about business, isn’t it…

Big K

here you’ll find some:
The list seems quite out dated so of course there are plenty more…
Bye / Tumppi

Hi Tumppi

I know this one. I have posted one of my films there, too.
But there are many new and much “bigger” movies where Nuendo was involved.
SB should give us a nice list of the large productions to ( yes, I say it… ) show off a bit.
People are like this: sometimes they need names and sucess stories to feel safe and comfi.
Can’t hurt, can it??

Yeah. absolutely!