Moving 6.0 installation to new pc

The facts:

Have Cubase 6.0 on old pc which is on last legs but I can still access files.
Cannot find my installation disks because I’ve moved twice and it’s been several years and well I just can’t find them.
Still have usb license key dongle thing.
Am only moderately computer literate.
Would like to install Cubase 6.0 on new pc. Both pcs are Windows 10, 64 bit.


Can I theoretically copy files from old pc to new and get Cubase to run on new computer or do I have to reinstall? What files/folders specifically should I copy over to make this work?
Alternatively, can I expect Steinberg to send me install files with proof of purchase (which I can produce) or won’t they since they are no longer supporting Cubase 6.0?

Thanks in advance, citizens of the Internet!

I definitely recommend that you reinstall from Steinberg files. Make sure your product is registered in your MySteinberg account. If that is all set, hopefully a download for Cubase 6 will be available there. If not, I’m sure they would give you a link to download it if your product is registered. You can read about activation and reactivation here but, since the CB 6 license is on a USB dongle, your move should be pretty easy.

Regards :sunglasses: