Moving a eLicense to a new computer

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was any way I can move my copy of Dorico to another computer. I know you can only have one “soft” eLicense at a time so is there any way to remove Dorico from my old computer and re-activate it on my new computer?

Thanks in advance!

Or, purchase a USB-eLicenser, then move your license to your USB-eLicenser.
Afterwards, you simply plug your USB-eLicenser to whatever computer you’re currently going to use Dorico at.

Once on a USB-eLicenser, your license stays on a USB-eLicenser, though (no moving back to a Soft-eLicenser), so you’ll need that spare USB port on your computer.

Dear Dirk,

Since Dorico is a 21th century app (I listened to Daniel very carefully yesterday on, how 2017 is the fact that people have to find a “spare USB port” on their computer ? Sorry to chime in, for I have only one computer, but I must say I DO AGREE with all my fellow Doricians who suffer from the license policy !

…hear, hear…!


Thinking back to the days of parallel port dongles that would at least pass through the signals so the port remained usable…

(Not that I advocate a solution that breaks as easily as those stacked dongles)

I remember those for Cubase! I ended up on a first name basis with Steinberg’s US office. Ah memories!

Hello Marc,

I agree that a “spare USB port” is a requirement that should be viewed differently in 2017 than, say, in 2010.
Especially when using Apple Laptops, the number of available USB ports seems to have declined over time…

It is at least my guess that this is one of the reasons why Dorico’s copy protection scheme was explicitly designed to give Dorico users a choice when downloading their product license: to utilize a USB-eLicenser that is more flexible in terms of moving the license between different computers, or to utilize a Soft-eLicenser that lacks this kind of flexibility, but doesn’t require additional hardware, which is great when you’re short on free USB ports.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any copy protection scheme that gives maximum flexibility to every user, use case and business model.
Nevertheless, I’m quite sure that the Dorico team listens to all feedback regarding their copy protection scheme, and will incorporate that input into their future product design decisions.