moving a lot of events, re-selecting them quickly

If I have a track that’s been cut up 1000x / all Frankensteined up, often I’ll have to change something and make a cut in the middle at say point A. It requires a close zoom in but I’ll have to inevitably zoom all the way out to select everything to the right of point A, then zoom back in to position the events around point A. But then I have to click something else that makes my current selected events different. Then soon after re-select all of the events I just had selected to the right of point A and then make another move, which requires zooming all the way out and all the way in many times.

Is there a different approach to this? A way to hotkey selected events?

I know you can use shift+arrow key but it takes the focus away from that event and also is probably slow if you have a ton of things that need to be selected. Not to mention you have to know exactly how many events need selected if there are other events farther down that don’t need selected.

I know you can glue things together and that works well, but I don’t know of a way to undo the glue. Then it becomes very crazy with the cutting and regluing.

Any ideas?

There is a shortcut called “select everything to the right of the cursor” or something like that. Also one for selecting everything to the left of the cursor. This might select everything in the project though. Works great in the editors.

You could use the Zoom MEM and Zoom ZAP shortcut key functions which enable you to store a zoom setting (MEM), then you can change the zoom and toggle between the two (ZAP). That might help speed up your zooming…