Moving a music folder to a different Hard Drive


I am wanting to move my music folders onto a removable hard drive so I can transfer them to my new Mac Studio. I’ve looked around on the internet and I’m seeing apps that will do it but I wanted to ask here if it’s a difficult, or fairly easy and if anyone could direct me to a video or something that is helpful.


I’m using Windows so maybe this doesn’t apply to a Mac, but I just copy and move the folders/files with the file manager.

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I use a MAC and it is fairly simple to do. Just go to the top of the page, go to “FILE”, you should then see a drop down box. There just select “EXPORT”, then “Audio Mix-down”. There should be choice drop down box there. Follow the instructions to place the file on your hard drive. Good Luck!

I assume you have a bunch of projects and a hard drive where typically all the necessary audio files are stored onto? And now you want to copy/move those audio files? Or are we talking about more?

If you just do that via Apple Finder (is it still called Finder?) Cubase might ask you to locate (or initiate an automatic search) for the audio files next time you load a project in the new environment. That should be all the hassle.

It is something else if you use VSTi’s that use samples. In this case you have to access those VSTi’s within your projects and have them search for the sample audio files. How this is done depends on the individual plugin.