Moving a rest sideways

I’m considering moving this rest to the right-hand side of the minims, to avoid a massive space between piano staves (there’s hairpins below, too).


However, it isn’t possible to set the Voice Column Index of the Rest, and everything I do to try to move it moves the upper notes as well. Can anything be done.

Also, happy to hear opinions along the lines of “Dear God, No. Don’t do this, you madman.”

Hi Ben

There’s not enough context (either musically/visually, or in terms of what the material is, and what your relationship to it is ) for good advice here.

But usually I would consider a bunch of other options (every other option, in fact) before putting the rest to the right of the stem (which is what I think you mean).


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That’s fair enough. It’s how the manuscript has it, but there is a lot of idiosyncratic notation…

It’s a repeating theme, and the rest just looks quite out of place. Happy for alternative suggestions. I’ve moved it up a little bit in this first one.

Screenshot 21
Screenshot 22

I’d leave it as in your upper picture if there’s no pressure on vertical space. It doesn’t look wrong or out of place to me.

If things were extremely tight vertically, and space couldn’t be harvested elsewhere, I might try swapping stem directions for the bar, so the rest could move down into the stave. But that has its own problems of course.


If you really wanted to move the rest horizontally, you could put the notes in a different voice column, which would result in 2 circular handles at that rhythmic position in Engrave mode when Note Spacing is active (meaning you can move the chord and the rest independently).

^ That is not an endorsement for doing so necessarily, just to clarify your options.

Yes, that does work, though the natural position of the voice columns is back-to-front, because you can’t set the column of the rest itself.

I tried that, and it did look horrible.

I suppose I was just musing on the lack of column for the rest, though evidently it’s for a reason. As usual. !

I’ve never liked crotchet rests offset in voices anyway. They seem too big and out of place.

This is one of the achilles heels of Dorico and I’ve mentioned this issue a few times. Daniel has stated that changing the voice column of rests will not be added.

As you’ve discovered, a satisfactory result can be achieved by changing the voice column index of the notes to 1, and then doing a whole bunch of dragging, but it’s not as svelte as it should be, especially since changing something to 1 causes it to move to the right of whatever is in 0, and when it’s the rests you want to manipulate to the right, this is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

I’m probably breaking all the rules here but it’s possible by removing the rest and re-rentering it as a text object.