Moving a slur (the whole thing)?

Seems there a very small space (just inside the center handle) where you can click and drag the whole slur. If I’m not mistaken, this is not described in the manual. I’d really like for this to be easier, ie the available space to click is extremely small which makes it time consuming. Can anyone explain this moving method ? Also, couldn’t this be tied to a currently unused modifier ?

IIRC in Engrave mode you can navigate through the handles using TAB
As usual, try not to use the mouse when you’re working with Dorico, keyboard operations are fast and reliable.

Considering how easy it is to generate a slur, it seems faster to delete the existing one and add another as needed. Just my two cents!

Within Engrave mode, you can click anywhere between any of the handles of the slur to grab the whole slur. You can alternatively find a note under (or above, if the slurs underneath) the slur, then type Up (or Down) to select the whole slur.

I have a lot of: 2 grace notes (A B-flat) then A real note (treble clef, 2ne space from the bottom). Sluring the A to the A puts nice little slur in the space below, almost perfect. For my taste the whole thing needs to be budged up just a tad to get it off the bottom line. Trying to find the hot spot in between all the handles doesn’t alway work here and must be very small. Zoomed waaay in, still doesn’t work sometimes.

@Pianoleo, that click on the note then up or down to select the whole slur, then move, seems to be the less-worst way so I’ll go with that. Thanks to all for all your answers. Always learning new tricks.

BTW, this method should be inserted in the manual imo !!!