Moving a text frame independently from a music frame

Hi, I am trying to move up a selected text frame (title frame) up independently from music frame, but they just move together. Did I missed some changes in Dorico 2.2? How can I separate them? In other words - how can I move a name of this piece few steps up without affecting a position of a music frame? I have never had this issue with earlier versions of Dorico. What I am doing wrong? Thank you

That’s a flow heading frame, which can’t be moved outside of the music frame to which it belongs.

Thank you Daniel for your quick response. And how I could solve it? Please see a screenshot - I do not think it looks so great. Of course, I could move a flow name together with music name up, but I still do not like Dorico default - a text frame is to close to the music frame. I am quite often in a situation when I do not need a Project Titel at all. Does it mean that with Dorico 2.2 we just lost ability to correct a flow name position? It would be quite disappointing…

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-11 um 01.30.22.jpg

I found a solution just deleting a flow name and correcting a position of title name. Any way it is quite strange decision not to let a user to set it manually.

Go into Engrave mode.
Double click Default flow heading in the Flow Headings panel.
Drag the bottom down to make the frame bigger.

Or, to go back to Dorico v.2.1 behaviour, go into Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows and set “Show flow headings” to “Never”.

Thank you very much, pianoleo - very useful information!