Moving all notes on the staff to the left?


When I want to move the notes to right, I can do that with insert mode on. But when I want at some place in the work all notes at a certain point move to the left I can’t get this to work. I tried with option only moves the note. Same result when insert mode on or in input mode.
When trying shift + option it won’t shift to left. What do I do wrong?

Insert mode works “backwards” too. You can:

  • select a rest and press Backspace (with Global insert mode scope if desired), or
  • select something and use the bars/beats popover to delete time, such as -1q

Shift-Option-left arrow shortens the duration of selected items. To move their start points, use just Option, without Shift.

Maybe this can help?:

Thanks Mark,

I tried your solutions and they work :slight_smile: .

However, it would make more sense if with insert mode you could not only move a line to the right, but also to the left.