Moving an audio event creates automation improperly

When I am in Automation Follows Events mode, if you have an event whose volume automation is very low, and then I move that audio event to a part of the timeline where the volume is higher, the new volume point that is created at the end of the clip occurs before the end of the clip— and then “recovers” at a set time (as set in the Automation Panel Settings). The problem is that since this recovery happens before the quieter clip is over, rather than after, the result is a (sometimes very loud) “pop”, caused by the volume retuning to its original higher position. Was this always the case?


Mac OSX 10.7.5
Nuendo 6.5.30

I see now that this is “Return Time”, a preference set in the Automation Panel, but it still doesn’t solve the problem that moving a clip who’s volume automation is lower than the region to which you are moving it creates a pop sound that wasn’t there before you moved it. I don’t remember this ever being a problem for me before. There is not a “0ms recovery time”, or a “Recover After Moved Clip” setting, so there is always a pop where the audio returns to the higher setting before the moved clip is over. You then have to fix them manually after you move it. I dislike this greatly.