Moving an audio Part not working - solved!

Cubase 10.5.20 - Win 10 Home 64-bit - 32GB RAM - Intel i99900k

I have a Project with one audio track in it. I have created a tempo map based on this audio, and now I want to create some space at the start of the song.

I select L=bar 1, R=bar 9. I select menu option ‘Insert Silence’. The audio Part moves to the right as if it has worked as expected.

The audio continues to be heard from where it used to start - even though there is now no audio Part at the song position in the Project window. Cubase is playing audio that, as far as the Project window is concerned, does not exist.

Even manually moving the audio Part makes no difference. Visually it moves, but the audio remains playing from where it was, even though no audio should be heard. Moving the Part left makes it play earlier, but moving it right always plays from its original position, no matter where it is placed in the Project window.

Sussed it - it’s Melodyne! I have Melodyne inserted on the track. I’ll leave this here to maybe help others.