Moving and deleting channels in the mixer

Moving and deleting channels in the mixer would speed up the workflow alot so you don´t have to close the mixer every time you want to move or delete a channel.

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This has been requested here on the forum few times already. Maybe it’s better to support already existing entry.

It is absolutely not needed to close the mixer for this. To do it on the project window doesn’t mean you must close the mixer.

Deleting the channels in the mixer is not possible, you can only do it in the project window which don´t make any sense to me.
You should be able to do everything in both the project window just as in the mix window.
I have also posted several requests to Cubase which speed up the workflow alot, things from Studio One that are very good and smart, but none of them are in the Cubase Pro 12.
To me Cubase are far more stable on Mac than Studio One Pro is, that is also the reason i switched to Cubase.
But Cubase to me seem to go backwards that forward in workflow, they should really check Studio One for that.
And also a very strange thing is that the key commands that are made in the project window don´t apply to the mix window, that i found to be just bananas, why would you want to have different key commands for different windows?
For example Command+Z can not be applied to undo in the mix window, so i have to assign another key command to that, to me that is going backwards not forward. Please Steinberg step up now! You been around for a very long time.

Hi! Where is this existing entry/topic where I can support this too. Couldn’t find it.