Moving and relocating VSTSOUND file crashes HALion 6

If I move a .vstsound file from one location to another, on starting HALion 6 Standalone the warning appears that the file cannot be located; if I browse to the file, HALion 6 Standalone crashes. On restarting, the file has been located in its new position and is correctly registered. This can be verified using the Library Manager.

Confirm, I have the exact same issue. As far as I can tell you can’t change the Halion Content directory. So HalionSonic is also affected in this way.

Hi there,
the crash reported by MrSoundman should be fixed with the HALion 6.0.10 and changing the complete HALion Content directory after the installation doesn’t work anyway. Only the new instruments introduced with HALion 6 or later ( like Raven, Eagle, Anima, Hot Brass, Skylab, …) can be moved with the Library Manager.

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