Moving audio 'but' any shortcut key that allows Auto quantizing...? (more in detail)

So, you know when you move some file (data of audio), with your mouse, if you click command key, it does certain thing right?! e.g. pasting and pasting at the same position etc

But is there, certain key, that allows, closest quantizing function…?
This could be really time-saver for me!

So, with mouse, there is no quantizing involved, but when I press on certain key, it locates to the closest position of quantization!

Hope I made sense! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I think what you’re asking for is Snap?

There are several Snap Types you can try out. For example, if you set Snap Type to Grid, your Primary Time Format is Bars+Beats and chose Use Quantize, you can snap your events to 1/16 or what ever Quantize Preset of your choice.
Once your Snap in the Project Window is setup, you can defeat snap temporarily by holding down Ctrl/Cmd while dragging an event.

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Yes. Thank you so much! Funny enough though,
So this way, I just need to activate GRID function and
reversely when I want free roaming move, then
I click the Ctrl/Cmd while dragging! It is definitely ok enough for me!

Thank you so much, new feature learnt!