Moving audio files

I have been updating a Cubase 5 project, using Cubase 8.5.

I have opened the C5 project in 8.5 , recorded some new audio tracks, and saved it as an 8.5 project. I then, as usual, backed up the project to a separate drive. However, on looking, I find that the new audio was saved in the old C5 project location, not in the new 8.5 project. Hence the new audio has not actually been backed up.

So now what I need to do is to bring the C5 audio files (that were actually recorded using the C8.5 project) into a C8.5 audio folder that would be in the C8.5 project folder. I have tried to do this in various ways (including Import Pool) but I cannot get what I need. Even if I can bring in the files, they still retain the path to C5.

Is there an easy way to bring the C5 audio files into the C8.5 project and have them change their path so that they are now “native” to the C8.5 project?

Additionally, if someone has an idea how I can cleanly update an old version project to the latest Cubase version, such that any new audio recorded is saved in the updated project, that would be very helpful. Thanks. (Windows 7 64)

In the Pool there is a function called Prepare archive.
This should copy all external files to your project audio folder.

Or you can try the Back up project from the file menu.

I think the Prepare Archive seems to have done it. The audio files are now in the Audio file of the new project, and looking at them in Properties/Security I can see that their path is the new project audio folder. However, when I open the new project and look in the Pool, those audio files still have their paths to the old project.

It seems like I have copied the old files to the new project and their names have changed…but the new project is still using the files from the old project. That will not be suitable if I want to edit and save files in the new project.

OK, I think I’ve solved it, albeit by a round about method.

I deleted the old tracks that the project was using and imported into the project the files that were in the new project audio folder. Then I saved and all was fine.

So I guess the procedure is to archive first, then do as noted above. But I’m sure there may be a better way to open an old project in a new version of Cubase, work on and save it as a project in the new version. Such that when when you record new audio it actually saves in the new project, not the old one as has been happening with me.

I think you are looking for this…
Try the backup project function from the file menu. When prompted create a new folder and save it there. The whole project (except for files in the pool trash and those you choose to not copy in the options menu) will be saved.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yes, I just gave that a try and it solves the issue. Thanks. Also thanks to misohoza for the suggestions.