Moving audio parts takes ages

Hugely annoying bug. Moving audio parts takes ages. I need to line up two audio parts so they’re in-phase (sample accurate). I can’t do this without Cubase taking several minutes to move the audio part.

How to recreate:

  1. Record a piece of audio and duplicate it (or use two separate audio parts)
  2. Drag and drop them onto the same track so they’re on top of each other
  3. Select both and use the glue tool (4) to glue them into a self-contained part
  4. Double-click the self-contained part so you go into the separate editor window
  5. Zoom in deep and try to move one of the parts. Now your computer will take several minutes to move the audio part. It will do it, but it’ll take forever.



So, assuming you’re trying to make a duplicate of an audio-part and want the copy in the same position, here are a couple of ways to do it:

  • Holding down the Alt-key, drag the audio part(s) onto a new track. While still holding Alt, press Ctrl; the audio should now snap to its origin!
  • or … set the grid-snap-type to “event” and align the duplicated element with the original one.

PRO TIP: If you need to move the audio “inside” the audio-clip without actually moving the clip, you can press Alt + Ctrl and then slide the audio left/right. This requires a bit of “slack” at each end of the audio-file to work; else, it’s not going to move! Still, it’s a pretty handy (somewhat hidden) feature!

As for the bug you’ve discovered, i have zero idea what that is about. Hope you can work around it …

Aye thanks for the tips :slight_smile: I didn’t know about the “moving audio inside” thing. Will remember that!

I understand that way of lining up the same parts (alt+ctrl). However, what I’m needing to do is line up another audio part so they’re in-phase. It’s the exact same source audio but a different file size. I’d messed up a project for a client (minimized audio) and needed to re-import the same audio but without fade-ins/fade-outs.

Lining it up perfectly is taking several minutes per project due to Cubase hanging when moving the audio parts while zoomed in any amount. So frustrating!

hmm … you can try selecting your re-imported audio clip and from the menu pick Move to > Origin. If your files are broadcast wave files (BWF) they might have the timecode embedded in them; worth a shot …

As an alternative to working with glued-together-clips you can work directly on the track on a pair of lanes instead; that should make it somewhat easier. You can set the active clip with the “comp” tool …

Thanks for the advice.

I managed to do it outside of self-contained clips in the end. It’s much faster but still slows down a bit when almost fully zoomed. Not as slow as working inside a clip.

Really not sure why it lags so much. My PC can handle literally anything I throw at it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in a future update.

Thanks again.