Moving audio with rightckick does copy audio in Audio Editor

I had adresses this issue already in the FB group, Justin mentioned to me to adress it als here. It’s maybe a bug in WL 11.2

I want to move/make small placements adjustments a section in Audio Editor by click left mousebutton and move the file a bit.
Now it copy’s the selection everytime when i make a small adjustment on it. Resulting in alot of stacked and cluttered files on top of eachother in audio editor…

(Solution i figured out later on)
Seems holding leftclick, and then press shift, i can move a selection without copying. But it works only to moving to the left in small distances.

If i want to move it a little to the right, you must move to the end of the selection. and then i have to go back all the way.

Bit hard to make small adjustments like this.

Holding [Shift] while holding left-mouse doesn’t move my selection in the Editor (or Montage), but it allows me to adjust the closest border of the selection without having to actually touch its border (or more like it sets a new border for the selection, that you can move around, as long as you keep the buttons pressed).
Holding [Ctrl] + [Shift] allows me to move a selection without changing its duration, though.

I checked again what exact happens.

First i have to leftclick and move, and right after that i have to press shift.

Hmm, well, the online manual states the same as I said.
I’m on Windows. In case you are on Mac, it is supposed to be [Cmd] + [Shift] + drag with mouse.
Also, my mouse cursor changes to a hand-with-arrows symbol, when I press both keys and hover over a selection.

Did you try this? Or maybe I don’t understand what you mean.