Moving Audio

Why when i move many audio clips at the same time they loosing them exact positions? :unamused:
Drive me crazy this…

Please provide some more info, how many clips, how are you moving them? What do you mean by exact positions, the positions on the grid or the distance between them in seconds?


I highlighted and dragging about 25 audio clips, all different length …some of them is complete songs. All i want to do is move them all at once to the right to make some space for the other clip. They was all nicely arranged and proper sounding, but once i dragged them to the right it’s doesn’t sounds right anymore, some of the clips starting to early and some is to late :cry: I don’t understand what i doing wrong…i don’t move them separate, but all together…and got this mismatch crap…

Are the clips in Musical Mode? Are the tracks in Linear Timebase or Musical Timebase? Is the snap turned on?
Try grouping the events into Audio Part(s) and moving the Audio Part. If you just want to move them to the right, you might try “Insert Silence”.

damn that’s it …it was on musical mode! I change to linear mode and now all is good hahaha nice!
Thank you jaslan :stuck_out_tongue: