Moving automation with midi part

I have just upgraded from 4 to 6.5 and am disappointed to see I can still not move automation by moving a midi part.

For example with a synth I may have 6 or more lanes of detailed automation, if I move a midi part that automation just stays where it is. Firstly this makes no sense anyway, why would I want the automation to be out of sync, secondly why hasn’t this been fixed in 3 version since version 3.

I can’t see any benefit and only problems form this current setup and it would be so easy to have a option to allow moving of automation with a midi part.

I really hope this is sorted out in 7.

Maybe I am missing a way to do it?

Prefs > Editing > Automation Follows Events

With that on, the auto will follow the event(s) as you move it (them).

You can also set a kc to toggle this on/off at will.


Well I found out the problem by luck.

I have always added instruments by adding instruments to the instrument rack, this prompts you to create a MIDI track for it which works fine, BUT automation does not follow events if created this way, only if the instrument is created by adding an instrument track does automation follow events.

I wish I had known this a long time ago :confused:

Not true!

If you set the pref Jeff pointed you to, it will work with your MIDI tracks.

No sorry on my system if I have ‘Automation Follows Events’ turned on that will only work on instruments created via the ‘Add track’ menu not the instrument window.

It’s the same in Cubase 4 and Cubase 6.5.

I’ve tested this numerous times now.

This all works fine here.

With the prefs:

VST > PlugIns > Create MIDI track… set to either ‘always’ or ‘always ask to’

Prefs > Editing > Automation Follows Events set to ‘on’

Load an instance of a VST in the rack (F11)
MIDI track gets created
Create or record an event on that track
Write automation
Move event

Result: automation follows the event

If this is not working for you, trash your prefs.


Those are exactly the steps and preferences, and this is happening in Cubase 4 and Cubase 6.5 so it’s not a preferences issue as they don’t use the same preference files.

I’m using the Mac version if that makes any difference.

well, you may have to delete both preference files as if one exists the other is built from part of the other!

The topic starter is correct.
When using instruments in the VSTi rack, any automation that is written gets placed in the VST instruments folder track, not in the MIDI track that was used to pilot it (because of course that VST instrument can be played by several MIDI tracks)… so “Automation follows Events” has no use in this instance.
The way around that, is to open the VST Instrument’s folder track, and use the Range tool to drag/copy it at the same time as the MIDI track.

Ah! So the OP is writing auto info to the Instr Track - not to the MIDI track. He didn’t say that…