Moving automations points

Hi there,

I am wanting to move all my audio clips along the time line to make space for a new section at the start of my track, however, when i click and select all the audio clips and move them, the automation points don’t move too. How can I rectify this? Thanks


Make sure, the “Automation follow events” is switched On.

Btw, there is a dedicated function for this task. Set the L and R Locators to the place, where should be a new empty space. From Edit menu > Range, select Insert Silence. Done.

Hi Martin,

Where is that function in the project window?



I’m not in the studio now, but if I’m right, it’s close to the Automation Panel button (on the left side of the button) in the Toolbar. Or you can use Edit menu, where is also this function located. The name of the button is Automation Follow Events.
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 21.18.56.png