Moving backwards in Figured Bass

Back on the Desktop!

When entering figured bass, I can move forward by the time sig’s denominator using SPACE; and move forward by the grid duration (or the next note, whichever comes first) using the right arrow key.

If I make a mistake, and then press Space, I can only move back using the left arrow, which may require several presses, if there are small notes or if the grid is small. Undo doesn’t seem to work while the popover is active.

In short: I have to press several buttons like a sap. :grimacing:

@Lillie_Harris Another one for your list (!) – the Inputting FB page could add “or the next note, whichever comes first” to the Right Arrow/Left Arrow bit.

Thanks for this - actually I believe most or all of the navigation options for the chord symbols popover apply to the figured bass popover as well, including Shift-Space to go backwards. I’ll rejig the figured bass task and add a more comprehensive reference.

Yay! Shift Space.

I was actually going to post “How about Shift Space to go backwards?” :roll_eyes:


Now done - in the iPad manual.