Moving barlines graphically

This may have been addressed in Dorico 4.x

Moving barlines graphically is a real pain. I may be working on a hymnal, and I am already trying out a first hymn and want to put in an A-men. However, when I add that measure to the stave, it throws the A-men to a new system.

When I move the new measure to the system above, it scrunches everything.

Using Alt+arrow and even Ctrl+Cmd+Alt+arrow to move notes and barlines is painfully slow and awkward.

Does 4.x present a viable solution for this? I’m hoping to put off getting 4.x for a bit. Thanks, all!

I think you may be misunderstand some functionality here. Dorico handles barlines and spacing with aplomb (I do hymnals regularly in Dorico). Can you show a screenshot of what you’re having trouble with?