Moving bars to following page - Pages layout

I can’t find the way to move the last 8 bars to the following page. My last but one page is overcrowded, whilst the last page has got large gaps between staves. If I look on youtube I only find 5 ot 6 years old tutorials, where there a nice page layout, which I can’t find on Dorico 5. Any help?

Adding a Frame Break will shift everything after that to the next page. Shift F in Engrave mode.

That’s as true today as it was 6 years ago! :grin:

It’s hard to remember all these shortcuts, would have been better to have a dedicated page like the one attached in the screenshot. And what’s the shortcut for the opposite action? I Mean moving notes to the previous page. Is there a page with all the shortcut combinations? Thanks.

Hello Stefano,
you can insert a Frame Break via Shift-F (you have to select something, like a bar line first).
The opposite would be to delete that Frame Break: Select the coloured Framebreak Signpost and hit Backspace, like in a word processor, if you have to delete something.

One can always select your note and pull down the Engrave menu to see the new frame command. It likely also lists the shortcut to do it that way.

Or use the Jump Bar and search for your function.

Or there’s a Create Frame Break button under “Format Music Frames” in the left zone in engrave mode.