Moving between Desktop and Laptop

I just switched from Sib to Dorico and am very happy so far. I created a bunch of guitar position barres (please can they be included in next update!) on my desktop and I wondered is there a way to copy them to my laptop so I can continue editing/engraving etc without having to recreate all the symbols again?

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Your best bet is to copy the user folder from one machine to the other. That’s ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 on Mac and %appdata%\Steinberg\Dorico 3.5 on Windows.
(So if you’re on Mac, reference the Mac path above when reading my quote further down).

The only caveat is that the AutoSave location is determined the first time you run Dorico, and that location is then stored in a preferences file (see below). When you copy this file to a new computer or operating system, problems can arise if your user account has a different name, because the location is stored in the preferences file explicitly.

I’ll just quote myself from another time that this one came up:

Thanks pianoleo - I’m on Macs so I will give these a go and see what happens :slight_smile:

Finally got around to trying this out and unfortunately it didn’t seem to work.
I’m not bothered about the autosave but really just want the guitar barre positions I created on my iMac available on my laptop. Alas copying over the user folder didn’t seem to do anything as none of my symbols were available alas. Perhaps I am missing something. It’s no big deal creating them again on the laptop.

At the very least, you could copy over a project that contains them, and then add them to your defaults from there.