Moving between mac and windows

I’m having trouble using projects between Mac and Windows. I was able to archive a project on Mac and get it to run on Windows. The problem is the other way around. If I tweak some setting on PC and move it back to the Mac (via a archive), during the project load the application crashes. It Crashes towards the end of the load.

Is that reproducible?
If so, could you try and move just the .vlprj file (nothing else) to some empty folder on the Mac, and try to open it: does it still crash? Then it would be very helpful if you could send us just that .vlprj file, nothing else. Thanks!

Some additional info that I didn’t have before. One of the songs had a sampler track. the wav file is in a different path (Mac vs win Differences). I deleted the track on Windows and archived the project then moved it to the Mac. Worked as expected. So probably something to do with not finding the wav file and throwing an exception.

Is there a recommended way to have samples saved with the project? In the Media Bay?

… sounds like a Sampler Track problem. Could you please have a look to the following folder if a crash log was saved?


Thank you,
Mihael. (32.3 KB)

In the zip file.

I tried to replicate the crash, but it worked fine the next time I tried it. If it happens again, I’ll report it.


BTW is there a way to have samples for a sample track be saved (or moved) with the project so I don’t have to re-setup the track?