Moving between tracks in cubase is effecting synths filter

I’m using Cubase 12, I’m sequencing sounds from my Elektron Syntakt in Cubase, (via USB midi and a stereo line out) but when I move between tracks in Cubase the mouse click causes the Syntakt,s filter frequency and envelope to dial right down - I guess as I flip between tracks I’m unknowingly sending some sort of midi message to the Syntakt, ? It is very frustrating, anyone got idea what might be causing it?

Can you provide a screenshot and mark the positions that you click with the mouse?

You may want to check if your synth is inadvertently configured as a remote control in the Studio settings.

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Thanks - you are right it does seem to be related to the midi remote control. I recently made some mapping for my Arturia Keystep 37 and when I disable the script I no longer have this problem. If anyone has any insight as I what I might have done that would be really helpful.

Hi, maybe you have assigned controls to previous/next track, while at the same time you have the “Transmit to hardware” option checked. In this case, the midi ccs involved are sent to the Keystep, so in case you have any midi thru, these can then pass to your instruments. Just a guess. Another thing that could go wrong, is if you have the same midi ccs mapped to a vst from inside it, I mean, by using midi learn inside the vst.

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OK thanks that makes sense, I’ll check the script and see if I have made any of those errors, it is very likely as I found setting it all up a bit of a faff. Thanks for your help on this.

OK it seems like I have figured this out, the knobs on the Keystep are mapped to the 8 Quickcrontrol knobs in Cubase. So when I flip between tracks -the new tracks Quickcontrol setting alter the Syntakt filter - which the Quickcontrol knobs must be (default?) mapped to, I’m not clever enough to work out how to stop this, disabling my mapping or switching off midi CC on the Syntakt seems to work…