Moving C12 to new computer - Where are Midi and Audio settings located?

I’ve built a new DAW and I’m transferring all my software to the new computer. The general moves have all gone well. There have been no changes in the rest of the studio, so I want the settings I’ve made in Cubase to move to the new computer without having to enter them item by item, because that will take many hours.
What I’m trying to find is a way to move a couple of my old presets; specifically my audio connections presets (inputs, outputs, control room) and my midi port, devices and settings presets.
This is particularly necessary for me as the naming conventions I’m using for track presets (which I’ve found), audio and midi settings are all used to run Raven Batch Commands to do a number of complicated multi-entry tasks.

AFAIK it should all be contained in your Profile in the profile manager. it should port everything over for you

Does this help?

First, I very much do appreciate the attempts to be helpful, even if not successful. So thank you.

As far as I can tell, neither of these above suggestions get me what I need. I’ve tried to export a user Profile from the old system and restore it in the new. While lots of things transfer (colors, key commands, etc.) the system audio and midi designations don’t.

I did know about the program preferences file location. (I’ve had to reload them more times than I wish to remember…) I’ve also tried copying over the entire preferences file and the settings I’m looking for aren’t transferred doing that either.

For example, in the Studio>Audio Connections dialog (F4) there are dropdown boxes for factory and user’s saved presets for audio routings (ins, outs Control Room, etc.) . They do not appear to transfer in either the preferences file, or when saving and recalling a user profile.

The limitation on the user profile actually makes sense as if you move to another studio running Cubase with different audio and midi set-ups, the ones form the original system wouldn’t work properly - e.g. assigning input one on a particular interface (which isn’t on the system) to one of the audio input channels.

But I would think it would transfer in the preferences file - but it doesn’t. This causes me to believe that they are stored in another file somewhere which I just can’t find.

It appears that they are either stored in a separate file somewhere and/or are not part of the preferences file at all.

Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support

Thank you Mattias, but the chart you provided doesn’t include the specific things I’m looking for. It appears the answer to my initial question is simply “no.”
I’ve now spent the time (several hours) and reloaded all the settings I needed from my old system’s audio routing and midi in/out settings.