moving channel strips, or re-ordering VST instruments?

I understand from other posts that it is not possible to move mixer channel strips. My problem is this: for orchestral work I use Vienna Instruments for violin 1, viola and cello and all my woodwind (one instance each). I use a single HAL Sonic instance to run HAL Symphonic Orchestra patches for Violin 2, Oboe 2, Bassoon 2 etc.

The MIDI tracks on the arrange page are in the right order, but is there any way I can get the audio tracks such that violin 2 appears next to violin 1 and not way over the other side of the mixer?

The order of audio tracks seems to mirror the order of VST instruments (F11) window but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to modify this order either. In any case, as I’m using HSE multitimbrally all its outputs appear grouped together.

Why can’t you just click and drag the mixer channel strips anyway? What’s so difficult about this?

… Problem solved, I think. You can re-order the audio outputs by opening VST instruments folders on arrange page and sorting stuff there. It doesn’t seem to mind if you take a HAL instrument output from it’s folder and stick it next to a VSL output, so everything looks right in the mixer page. I also created a set of “folder tracks” called STRINGS, BRASS etc to keep it all tidy.

Still think it would be better to be able to do this directly on the mixer page, but less urgent now.