Moving Channels in Mix window?

I wish you could move channels around while in the mix widow!
Pain to switch back to the main window just to move a channel temporary.
Any chance thier will be an C6 update to do such a thing?
Other then that, I use the new feature of group editing with my drum tracks and it works wonderful!!!

Yup, I’ve always wondered why the mixer view is less flexible than the project window, no ability to remove a track or drag them around.
It would be really cool if you could separate the track ordering of the mixer and project window all together. For instance, when I mix I prefer to have a certain grouping of the instruments, but if it’s a mix of instrument/midi, audio and rack vsti tracks then the same grouping can feel messy in the PW.

Not the feature request at the top of my list, but it would be a nice addition.



I’ve started a poll on this here:

Nice poll!
Hope they will incorporating this soon!