Moving Chord Pads

Hi, I am pretty new to the Cubase world. I am trying to use chord pads in my compositions but every time I hover my mouse over one of the pads, the pad I was previously on moves into that new pad. After hearing a few chords, all of my chord pads are out of order. Is there a way to keep all of the chords stuck to their own pad? Thanks!

This should only happen when you hold down the mouse button while dragging/hovering. Any chance you have that permamently pressed?

Well, I am using a trackpad, so that might be the issue. I’ll look into getting a mouse. Thanks!

Hi, just a hint: The drivers for trackpads often allow to disable “click” when just touching the pad - or you can adjust the sensitivity.

On my notebook i disabled the “mouse-click” on the touchpad because it was seriously getting on my nerves to unintentionally “click” something.
There are separate zone/areas on the pad that reflect the two mouse buttons. Those are the thing to use.

HTH, Ernst