moving comments balloon out of the way..

is there any way of moving the comments balloon out of the way? i’ve placed a comment about a certain note but the balloon obscures the note it’s attached to. there doesn’t seem to be anything helpful in engrave mode.

i know i can hide the comment balloon… in this case that’s not what i need.


Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 1.01.09 PM.png

I’d check the View menu…

… well, yes, that ‘hides’ the comment. not what i want.

Goto write mode and use Alt plus cursor left/right and you’ll be able to nudge it out of the way


The comment is hidden from the score, but should still appear in the list in the left panel. It can be useful, depending on y he workflow you build around comments.

thanks marc. i do appreciate your input and i didn’t mean to come off as brusque