Moving computer and email address

Hello! I’m changing jobs and will no longer have my old work computer or email address. I’m working on getting my stuff together for deactivating and reactivating Dorico 3.5, but am having trouble changing the email address associated with my account on Every time I try to edit my email, I enter the new one and get an error saying “that email is already in use,” but I can’t find it anywhere to delete. My old email will be unavailable soon (about a week), so I’d like to get this resolved. Help!

Brent Weaver

Hello Brent,
I’m not sure if the Dorico Developers can do anything about that. I’d contact the Steinberg support for that. Two things to consider: First, you may want to try a different new email adress, a new email adress is quickly made, and then you can take your time and figure out why your adress is not working. Secondly, a thing that has created a lot of confusion in the past: The account data is not the same account as the Steinberg Online Shop, where you purchased it. Maybe that helps :wink: