Moving Content - And I don't mean emotionally !


Just installed this morning, but in my haste, I loaded H4’s content to my laptop. I wan’t to move the content to a seperate drive to the H4 installation. What’s the easiest / best way of doing this?

Thanks folks.

You have to reinstall and choose other from content tab in the installer. Then browse to your ‘other HD’.
Or make aliases from your content on the ‘other HD’, but that is hard to explain how to do!

I had problems when doing this when the second DVD had to be loaded. I had to quit the installer and separately install the second DVD content and then move it to the other HD.
There must be something wrong with this way to install.

Here is all the files, on a Mac, if you want to rearrange things!
MyHD/Library/Application Support/Steingberg/Content/HALion/VST Sound/“were all librarys is”

Good Luck!


That’s what I feared - a reinstall. Thanks anyway.

Just for others in the same situation, the main reason (apart from haste) I installed to my ‘C’ drive was because H4 ‘found’ during the install that Halion Sonic SE (if I remember correctly) had got content in a specific location. Therefore, I didn’t want to create a problem with Cubase by changing this.

Have you tried moving the “content” to an alternate location and adding that “new” location to MediaBay?