Moving Content

My system uses two drives. I’d like to move the content files for the various VST instruments to a different drive. This would free up space on my system drive. Any help in how to organize and execute this would be helpful.


If the plugin has a launcher that permits you to locate the libraries, then you’re good to go, same as when it asks you where to install the content during install, in that case just deinstall the plugin and install it again specifying the new path for content. But many plugins don’t allow this as they install everything on C: drive without asking for data path.

If you’re talking about the Cubase content, please run the Steinberg Library Manager to move your libraries to another drive. You can also define the default library installation location by clicking the gear icon to the top right.

… this really depends on each VST, and how to do that can best be found in the documentation or forums of the various makers of the various VST instruments.