Moving Cubase 10.5 to a new computer. Downloaded successfully, but wont open

After downloading 10.5 using my activation code, program wont open. Message reads no valid license found. E licenser is showing correctly, but no licenses found in the Activation manager. I have not deleted Cubase on my old machine . Am I missing something? support ticket went in ten days ago nothing heard.

Is it really that hard to read the documentation or to use the search function?
Cubase 10.5 doesn’t use Steinberg licensing. Activation Manager will stay empty.

Thanks for the reply, most helpful. My point is, after reading and following the documentation I have an error message, and wondered if anyone else had a similar issue which would help resolve my problem.

Which version of Cubase? If it’s pro then the activation code is not valid anymore anyway. You just need to plug the usb licencer in and get the newest version of the licensing software.

Different if you don’t have a usb licencer though so you need to specify.

Which Cubase? Pro, Artist, Elements,LE?

Means what? Is there a licence present?

Windows? Mac? OS version?

I am using Windows 11, my cubase version is 10.5 pro, on an e licenser dongle which is being recognised by the elcc and tells me the license is present.

Try to start Cubase as Administrator by right click menu.
This should fix possible permission mismatches.

Sometimes older Cubase and newer Windows versions do not work in perfect harmony.

Thanks for the tip, gave it a go but no result.

I have noticed after a previous post that the E licenser control which downloaded looks like an older version in comparison with versions seen on youtube videos, might this be relevant?

Yes get the newest one

Thanks, uninstalled Cubase updated E license controller and reinstalled now working

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