Moving Cubase 6 from one drive to another on the same PC

I am currently running Cubase 6 on a Windows XP machine which is OK but restricting. There have been several glitches at the wrong time. Now I want to run it in Windows 7 on a new hard-drive on the same PC. The two hard-drives with different OS works well, letting me use all of my XP files and programs in a familiar environment. But I am worried about being able to transfer Cubase6 from one drive to the other without rocking the e-licenser boat. Once tranfered, there will only be one copy of Cubase on my PC and I want to link it to Sibelius 7 (which is already running perfectly on the new Windows 7 drive).

Is there a ‘Steinberg Approved’ way of making the transfer please?


Do a fresh install on the W7 disk and then copy the preference files over.

My instinct was to do as you recommend, Split. But what happens to the e-licenser? Doesn’t it have a little fit if Cubase is moved?

Na, it shouldn’t.

I have a tripple boot: Win7-64+Cubase32/Win7-64+Cubase64/XP+Cubase
Becasue I Can! :sunglasses: :laughing:

Close to zero problems, and I have hardly ever thought of the dongle since I plugged it in a year ago.
Just in case you’d ask, no problems with the dongle, v e r y few and small random problems overall.
To small to mention, really.

The dongle has no direct connection to a particular install. Cubase can be installed on anything and your dongle will activate it.