Moving Cubase Directories

Hi all,

I’ve reached the maximum space on my HDD, and I wish to move the entire directory of project folders and general cubase-related file storage onto an external HDD - Is there a proper process for this or can I just click and drag?

I’ve scoured the Manual and the forum for an answer but nothing seems to come up, am I just thinking too hard?

yes your thinking too hard ,its easy peasy just copy everything over, but before you delete the originals just check a couple of random projects you have copied to your new drive just to be sure everythings ok, you will have to open them from file/open, now, and when you delete originals they wont show in your "file /recent projects" ive done this a couple of times before and i usualy think too hard at first , my heart pounds when i delete originals to make room ,but i`m the sort who always has to go back twice and make sure i locked the door . :laughing:

If You are under Windows, there is an easy problem solver:

Place the whole Cubase-Folders (including Mediabay, Preferences etcccc) wherever you would like to have them and create the layout, as Cubase expects it, through NTFS-Junctions. So Cubase gets its folder structure and You can move the stuff where it makes sense.