Moving Cubase - New Computer

Hello, I just bought another computer specifically for music production as my old one is a little weak. How do I move Cubase 5 from my old computer to my new one?

Thanks, Alex


Here are the steps:

  1. Set up the operating system appropriate for your hardware and ensure it is up to date with patches

  2. Install Cubase from the CD and download the latest update package (you will not need to download previous versions)

  3. Go to your My Documents folder and copy any VST3 presets to the new system

  4. Copy any Track Presets from the Cubase folder on the old system, eg “Program Files”

  5. Go to the Cubase Application Data Folder and copy all necessary configuration files (usually in XML format) across to the new system. There may be some confusion here as there seems to be a legacy “Presets” folder in Program Files as well

  6. If you have created any presets for the included Steinberg plugins, they will be in Program Files under VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies

  7. Check also the VSTPlugins folder normally located in Program Files (check this has not been moved or renamed) for any VST2 (fxp/fxb) presets or other things of interest

  8. There is also a Templates folder in the Cubase Folder of Program Files (or other variant)


NOTE: The mediabay3.db file is recreated on first launch of cubase. Also ensure to have the latest elicenser software available here