moving cubase to different computer

Could some one tell me if there are any difficulties or issues or things to watch for or correct way to move my cubase le 5 program from one computer to another before I upgrade to cubase 6.5

Does Cubase LE require a license?
If so, do you have a USB-Licenser (a dongle), or do you have a Soft-eLicenser?

The official version is:
“The license may be installed on at most 3 Computers that are in your possession” - for USB elicenser versions
“you may install and use a license for the software only on one computer which is in your possession” - for soft elicenser versions

My E licenser usb is after vacuum cleaner" adventure… it is still warking

my Q s
how can i transfer data to new E … usb

is it possible to use my c 4.5.2 on two computers with those two EUsb key…

and … next one … win 8 can not see my e lic usb on my lap top ( dell studio 1558, i 3, …?)
any solutions??
please :slight_smile:

Sorry guess I should have mentioned that my concern was based around the e licenser . Not sure which e licenser I have will have to check I’m very new to cubase so excuse my lack of knowledge.

Drag and drop.

Use a supported OS

With LE 5 you use a soft-elicenser, unless you have bought a (separate) USB key.
With the soft elicenser you install the software, go to “mySteinberg”, and follow the steps for “re-activation”.

Use a supported OS

OK :slight_smile: very constructive :slight_smile: … anyway I do use supported OS for around 10 yeaars but I just would like to know if anyone has expierience with Win 8 :slight_smile: - in my case it can not see E licenser USB

so does anyone has expierience to share how to handle it?

Hi, Can i install cubase on my other computer n run it without he elicenser or i have to buy another one if i want to have it on 2 Computer?

you can instal cubase/nuendo on 10/20 computer but the USB Key is the protection that’s mean you can only use one soft in same time ! but you have just to move your USB key to your laptop or whatever & that’s work !
even if you have a elicenser on your disk you can move it to usb key elicenser and plug your USB key to the computer you need ! !

I just tried to install Cubase 7 upgrade on a different computer (just to do a small project outside home). I’m currently on 7.5 after several upgrades. Anyway… the donglethingy doesn’t allow me to register… it says it’s no upgrade… blah blah… why doesn’t that friggin’ dongle know me, what I own and what I should be allowed to do when it’s connected. I don’t have time for bad karma like this.