Moving Cubase VST License to USB Dongle

All this for a Cubase VST 5 license? That’s dedication. I have disabled the USB-eLicenser for any further transaction now. Thanks for making me aware. :man_facepalming:


Hello Ed! Some of us have been using Cubase for a long time and sometimes we need to access our old projects that weren’t fully converted to .cpr projects especially when it comes to things like loading up banks of synth patches that were stored using the Studio Module [a feature that was deprecated with the introduction of Cubase SX].

FWIW, I started out with Cubase VST 3.5 in 1997 after I built my first Pentium PC. I started using computer-based systems in 1986 with a Sinclair Spectrum 48k + MICON MIDI interface, then on to an Atari ST with MasterTracks Pro followed by a self-built PC [first a 386 DX40 and later a 486] running MasterTracks Pro, then DIgital Orchestrator before finally saving up enough to buy a copy of Cubase VST 3.5. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of users here who started using Cubase on an Atari ST / STE / TT / Falcon.

Speaking of which; please, please, please bring back the Studio Module.

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