Moving Cubase


I got a new 500 GB SSD where I gonna move my nusic-project files to. :slight_smile:
I alreay got a half-full SSD, main (C-drive) where all programs are incl Windows 10.

I have an idea about moving Cubase and most musik-studio-programs to the new SSD.
Unfortenly Steinberg and others have placed the files on a half-dozen places on computer,
and same with all others like Waves, AD.Drums etc
the main place seems to be in C-drive User/Appdata/Roaming about 15 GB (Cubase)
and in programfiles about 2 GB (Cubase).

How to do? :question: Can I just copy files to the new SSD, or must I do something more so Cubase can find them. :question:

I´m not sure if that´ works better or faster, maybe I let them stay in C-drive :confused:


I’d suggest keeping everything where it is and just use the new ssd for the music. I’m sure someone will come along and tell you exactly where everything should pe located, but imho don’t fix it if it ain’t broken:)

there are folk who’ve successfully moved the program to another drive but like strummer I wouldn’t try it myself…yes, to moving all your projects elsewhere but no to the program.
Some of those who have successfully moved it may chime in to talk you through it but some have run into issues come the next update. I think both Windows and Steinberg expect it to be on the C drive.