Moving Cubase?

I just bought a new iMac with a 3TB Fusion drive. The laptop I was using (that I have Cubase 7.5 installed on) only has a 500GB drive. So I’ve loaded Cubase onto the new iMac, but it’s telling me it can’t authorize it on the new machine. Wondering what I need to do? Do I de-authorize it on the old box before re-authorizing it on the new one? I thought I was able to have it on two machines? But if I can only use it on one, then the new iMac is what I need to use it on since I have the new big hard drive. Please advise. Thanks in advance!!!

Did you do a reinstall?

The authorization is on your dongle, and you should be able to authorize it on any computer you want to…

Oh. I just typed in the serial number from the card that was enclosed with it. I forgot about going the eLicenser. I’ll give that a try. Thanks!!!

have fun with your new machine=)

The “serial number” is only for authorizing the eLicencer. Once this is done, it’s used up and can be thrown away.

You can install Cubase on as many computers as you wish and then move the eLicencer dongle between them.

that worked. thanks!!!

I had to buy a computer with a bigger hard drive because I installed Komplete Ultimate 9 and the thing takes up 360GB of space and with everything else I had on that 500GB laptop it ate the hard drive almost completely up. The new one is a 3TB Fusion drive so I’ve got plenty of room now. Looking forward to playing with Cubase!