Moving default rests in percussion part

I’ve never come across this before.
I’m trying to display a tambourine and bass drum part on a percussion staff.
The one screenshot is of the score, which looks fine.
The other screenshot is of the percussion part where the default rests are not consistently placed from bar 48. (The score starts at bar 51)
Both layouts seems to have the same settings concerning rest display.
What am I missing?

Can you make a copy of your project, delete all instruments but the percussion instrument kit, then do Play > Playback Template to apply the ‘Silence’ playback template, then attach the project here so we can take a look?

Attached is the file as requested.

I got around the issue by creating another staff for the percussion, but this time using a non-percussion instrument just to use for the part; I kept the original kit in the score. I stupidly chose ‘voice’ which meant that I had to select and move all the dynamics down, but the result works fine, although I will add that the rests behaved in exactly the same manner in the new ‘voice’ part, but this time I was easily able to move the ‘out of staff’ rests to the top line.
Russian Dance - sample for (553 KB)

Thanks, David. It turns out that this behaviour is dependent on staff size. Dorico ends up thinking that the quarter (crotchet) rests are proportionally a little bigger at some staff sizes than at others; this is obviously not true, but due to some subtleties in the measurement of the rest glyphs at different sizes (measurements that are reliant on the underlying Qt framework rather than being done directly by Dorico itself), it gets a slightly different answer at different staff sizes, which results in a different positioning result for the bar rests. You shouldn’t need to worry about this, but unfortunately for the time being this might occur with certain staff sizes. You should find that making a small adjustment to the staff size is sufficient to change the positioning of the bar rests in affected layouts.