Moving Dorico to a new Macbook Pro

I have 3.5 on my old Macbook Pro. What is the best way to move Dorico to my new Macbook Pro running Mac Os 13.3.1? I would also like to upgrade to Dorico 4. Thanks.

The best way would be to upgrade to Dorico 4 on the old computer, which will move you onto the new licensing system, where it is easier to authorise and remove installations. You get 3 ‘seats’ on the new system, rather than one on the old eLCC, so you can install on two computers, and then remove the licence from your old computer before you get rid of it.

Is that right? 10.7 was Lion, released in 2010.

Thanks for that response. Sounds like a good plan. Oops. I meant Ventura 13.3.1!

I recently acquired a new M2 mini. I used Apple’s Migration Tool to transfer everything from my old iMac to the new machine. Everything got moved flawlessly, also Dorico 4, including its license. Never thought it would be that easy.


I did try the migration tool but wasn’t successful. It got hung up about half way through and wouldn’t advance for 24 hrs. There seemed to be some incapatabilities with my old Mac (2010). Apple Care tech walked me through starting over as a new Mac. Glad it worked for you.