Moving Elements from one computer to another

I have Elements 10 on my WIN 8.1 laptop. I now have a new WIN 10 Pro laptop and have downloaded Elements 10.5. How do I unauthorize the old version and authorize it on the new computer?


Go thru the Reactivation process, please.

thanks, will do, hope I can figure that out (tomorrow). If not, you’ll be the first to know …

I followed all the re-activation instructions but it didn’t work. When I tried it again and entered the re-activation code, it said that this code was used already (but unsccessfully apparently …) and to contact the software vendor. Where? How?


Did you really get a new Activation Code, or is it the same one? If it’s the same one then the Soft-eLicenser probably didn’t change. Use the eLCC Helper to generate a new Soft-eLicenser Number. Then go thru the Reactivation again, please.

Again, I did everything you suggested, had new activation code, etc., but when I open Cubase it says “No valid license found. The program will quit now.” And Start License Atcivation again brings the same result. This is really annoying, having a program (and I’ve used Cubase in one version or another for some 25 years…) and not being able to install it on a new computer. I have also contacted Support, they asked me to send a screen shot of the eLicenser, which I did, but no further advice or reponse.
As I am writing this I got an email “here’s your new activation code.” Again I followed the instructions, again the same no-result. Infuriating!


Could you attach the screenshot of the eLCC here too, please? Just make sure, the Soft-eLicenser Number and all codes are blurred, please.


You own Cubase Elements 10 license, not Cubase Elements 10.5. Uninstall Cubase Elements 10.5 and download + install Cubase Elements 10 instead, please.

aha! once I’ve downloaded it how do I then activate it? go through this re-activation procedure again? or will there be a code sent automatically? what happens to my Elemnts 10 version on the other computer? do I need to un-unstall it? first? afterwards? thanks


It is activated already at this system. You don’t have to activate it again.

You don’t have to. But you can uninstall it anytime.

OK, success! Installed and working. Thanks for advice and patience.