moving entire project to insert more bars at the beginning?

Something I come across often is that I have a project with lots of tracks and automations, time sigs and tempos etc. Then, rethinking things, I want to insert another few bars at the beginning (or middle) so I can put in an intro or just extend the original intro or put a new section in. I’ve tried selecting all and moving, but that always ends up missing something. There must be a quick and easy way of inserting more empty bars or time to areas within the project timeline right? Please help :slight_smile:

Put your locators where you want to have the new bars.
Then Edit/Range/Insert Silence

thank you!

Good grief Raino,

Now been on Cubase about 15 years and never picked up on this simple one, always used the dialog thingy​:grinning::grinning:. Nice one, thanks.

Best Regards, Dave