Moving Event Crashes Cubase

Updated to Cubase Artist 8.0.20 yesterday (from 7.5.40) and had about a half dozen crashes since. This one here is easy to reproduce:

Create a new empty project,
Drag some audio into it from the Finder,
Highlight the event just created, if it isn’t still,
Click on the start position in the info line to select the bar #,
Hit ‘+’ on the number pad, type e.g. ‘8’, and hit return.

Instead of the event being moved 8 bars to the right, the well known OS X dialog will pop up informing you of what you are probably painfully aware by then, namely that ‘Cubase has quit unexpectedly’.

Apart from that, when re-opening Cubase all my painstakingly adjusted colour scheme had been reverted to pitch black night.

Some of the new plugs are nice though, might try to hack them into 7.5 for the time being, but it’ll probably be better not to get too dependent on them…