Moving events shortcut

Good evening,

For some reason I cannot seem to find a shortcut to access the start/end position of my events without having to click at the top left of my screen, anyone knows how to solve that or is there no other way?

If I understood your question correctly, you want to move events typing into Info line Start field.

There is no direct shortcut for that, but you can access Info line with Edit/Edit Info line.
I use Alt Tab to access the Info Line, and then 2 x Tab to highlight Start field and type a new start position.

You cannot create a macro because Tab is a system key and cannot be used as a shortcut.

I think AutoHotKey is the solution. It helped me to make wave height zoom shortcut recently. The algorithm would be something about : first it remembers mouse position, moves cursor to certain area of screen, clicks on it or does anything else and returns back to remembered position of mouse cursor and all theese by just one shortcut hit. Very poweful utility.

Oh thanks that works @peterGx (sorry for the late reply I didn’t see my post got accepted)