Moving Events via KC's

What’s the KC to move an event up and down (between tracks) in the Project Window? I looked at both the Navigation & The Project Window Folders to find it. But I’m not finding what I need.

If I use the Up/Dn or L/R arrow controls on the QWERTY keyboard, I get the cursor to move around the project window. I would like to be able to move selected events with those same arrows. Can anyone here tell me how to set that up? :question:



IMO don’t put these on the arrow keys or you’ll probably mess up the arrow functions in other parts of the program.

Simple standard key command, no macro needed

Nudge - up
Nudge - down

Thanks Oliver. I’d completely forgotten about the nudge commands ! My post above is edited to avoid any confusion.

Excellent! Thanks a lot! :smiley: